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April 30, 2012 Article: Five Tax Fallacies Invented by the 1%


2008-2012 Tax Data, 40 Companies


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Pay Up Now is an online effort by US Uncut Chicago members to boycott corporations that pay little or no federal income tax.

Choose a company, note the products or services you need to avoid, and click 'Send Message' to tell them to PAY UP NOW.



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General Electric (GE)

General Electric made $44 billion from 2008 to 2010, but received over $4 billion in tax rebates! (Listen to more...)

Appliances, Energy, Finance, Weapons


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Bank of America (BAC)

Forbes asked in 2010: "How did Bank of America not pay any taxes on $4.4 billion in income?" Bloomberg explains: its financial statements were “delusional” (Listen to more…)



5,900 locations

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Exxon Mobil (XOM)


Oil giant Exxon made $34 billion of net income in 2009, but paid no income taxes in the United States…(Listen to more)


28,000 gas stations in 100 countries


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Citigroup (C)

Citigroup had 4 quarters of billion-dollar profits in 2010, but paid no taxes...(Listen to more)


200 million customer accounts


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Wells Fargo (WFC)


Wells Fargo purchased Wachovia and claimed a $19 billion tax credit, despite a record net income of $12.3 billion…(Listen to more)


6,600 bank branches


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Hewlett-Packard (HPQ)


HP's U.S. income tax rate was 4.3% in 2008 and 2.3% in 2009…

(Listen to more)


PCs, printers, networks


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Verizon (VZ)


Verizon's 10.5% tax rate is "due to its...venture with Vodafone." Vodaphone has been the primary target in UK Uncut's protests…(Listen to more)


wireless telephone


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Chevron (CVX)


Of this year's taxes, just $200 million were paid in the U.S." That's a 1% tax rate…(Listen to more)


9,600 gas stations (Chevron and Texaco)


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Boeing (BA)


Boeing paid no U.S. taxes on over $4 billion of income in 2010. In fact, they got $124 million back from the taxpayers…(Listen to more)


commercial jets and defense equipment


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AIG helped individuals trying to shelter hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from federal taxes…(Listen to more)


insurance subsidiary list

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Carnival (CCL)


Carnival Cruise Lines paid 1% in taxes on its $11.5 billion profit…

(Listen to more)



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Koch Industries (private)

The government subsidies and tax-free benefits that accrue to the "libertarian" Koch brothers have been well documented…(Listen to more)

Brawny, Dixie, Northern, Stainmaster,

Angel Soft, Mardi Gras, Vanity Fair, Georgia-Pacific


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Newscorp (NWS)


With 782 tax havens, Newscorp paid "astoundingly low taxes"…

(Listen to more)


Fox News, Wall Street Journal, HarperCollins Publishing


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Google (GOOG)


Google cut taxes by $3.1 billion by moving profits through Ireland to Bermuda...(Listen to more)


search engine, gmail, youtube, various apps


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Merck (MRK)


Merck brought more than $9 billion from abroad without paying any U.S. tax…

(Listen to more)


pharmaceuticals, Dr. Scholl, Claritin


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Pfizer (PFE)


Pfizer imported more than $30 billion from offshore, erasing a $10 billion tax hit…(Listen to more)


pharmaceuticals, Lipitor, Celebrex, Lyrica, Prevnar, Norvasc, Viagra


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